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KYMOS Pharma Services and its affiliated company in Italy PHARMAPROGRESS, is a European leading CRO providing high quality analytical services for biotech, pharma and veterinary industry. The company has analytical laboratories in Barcelona and Ancona and offices in Barcelona, Milan and Paris.

KYMOS is a contract laboratory devoted to analytical CMC and bioanalysis, with wide capabilities for both small molecules and biologics working for companies of more than 30 countries. KYMOS labs are GMP and GLP certified and EMA and FDA inspected. The services offered are the following ones:

Analytical Development & Quality Control of drug substances and drug products:
• Characterization of biologics and comparability of biosimilars
• Analytical development, validation and method transfer
• Raw material analysis
• Stability studies
• Elemental impurities
• Leachables & Extractables
• Microbiology, endotoxins and sterility testing
• Importation, batch testing and batch release

Bioanalysis of Preclinical and Clinical studies:
• Full bioequivalence studies
• In vitro Percutaneous absorption studies (IVPT)
• Bioanalysis by mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS, HRMS and ICP-MS)
• Bioanalysis by immunological testing for quantification of biologics
• Immunogenicity determination (ADA testing)
• Cell based assays