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sedApta Group
sedApta is an international Group formed from the aggregation of top technology companies based in Italy, Germany, France, UK and Brazil. Each a leader in their industry, together we share over 25 years of experience in Manufacturing Operation Management and Supply Chain Management providing solutions able to accompany our customers in the deployment of its products.
Today, over 1000 customers in more than 20 countries belonging to more than 10 industry segments rely on our Products for the optimization of their extended Supply Chain. With our solutions, we ensure that the new challenges posed by digital transformation are turned into new opportunities.
Our mission is to drive the continuous improvement of industrial processes through the introduction of new information technologies and a highly integrated suite of modules within existing infrastructures.
The consumer’s consciousness about sustainability is taking hold, and requires companies to act sustainable. Environmental sustainability aims at minimizing the carbon footprint impact of a product or service along the entire life cycle, considering both the internal processes of a company and the dynamics created by all the actors involved in the value chain. The goal of the sedApta Suite? Improve all the phases of the Supply Chain with a complete sustainable vision.

sedApta Suite
The sedApta Suite is based on more than 30 years of industrial experience. The suite was designed and developed to be an integrated and orchestrated set of modules that work together to optimize business processes, Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP) and Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM), along the entire supply chain. The sedApta suite is based on accurate strategic planning to improve detailed scheduling based on the availability of resources within the factory itself. Moreover, considering new consumption models involving the logistics sectors, the execution of shipment is integrated in the overall planning and execution process of an end-to-end supply chain process thanks to the Transportation Management (TM) segment.

sedApta Suite Features
• Real time orchestration of machines, software, and people for the continuous improvement of processes, people, and technology.
• Monitoring and analysis of process performance.
• “Real time” support for users while they perform tasks and business processes thanks to a GPS software system.
• Handling exceptions and decision-making processes in real time through multi-scenario simulations, what-if analyses and best-fit approach.
• Easy integration with the most common ERP systems.

All the sedApta Suite’s modules are also supported by an innovative O.S.A. (Orchestrator, Skillaware, Analytics) ecosystem for the orchestration of processes, “workforce” support and performance analyses. The O.S.A. architecture helps shift companies toward the continuous improvement of business processes and supports the culture of change: a key factor during this period of significant technological changes, all within the new paradigm of Industry 4.0.
Company Vision
Modern supply chains are more and more global with a critical focus in reducing waste, producing and shipping according to the Demand Driven Manufacturing concept. This activates a deep restatement of the business models and market approaches.
The integration of planning and execution is becoming increasingly important, allowing manufacturing companies to equip themselves with tools that can improve responsiveness to last-minute variations in demand, in terms of both production and purchasing. A key factor lies in each company’s ability to synchronize sourcing and manufacturing aspects: the first concerns the development and integrated management of supplier networks, the second the production network. Today many companies operate within global supply networks, including customers, suppliers and production plants in different countries, and this complicates the synchronization of all the different actors.
sedApta offers a Suite for integrated solutions that support the convergence between manufacturing operations (MOM), planning processes (Sales & Operation Planning) and execution (Sales & Operation Execution) to optimize all levels of the Supply Chain.
sedApta approach allows you to synchronize and coordinate all stakeholders in the process, transferring the right information at the right time, to the right role, to efficiently conduce a specific process activity and, at the same time, aligning S&OP – S&OE & MOM.

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