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Our Identity, Your Success!

Altergon Italia is a SWISS Company located in ITALY. It is a world leading Pharmaceutical Company and Centre of Excellence & Innovation for the patented biotech production of injectable Sodium Hyaluronate bulk: SHYALT® Ultrapure. TOP on the market for its extremely high Purity, ultra Safety and batch-to-batch Consistency.
Altergon has got the know how and state-of-the-art facilities to lead the worldwide market as CDMO for Hyaluronic Acid products (PFS-HA cross-linked fillers, sterile impregnated gauzes and Hydrogel facial Masks) as well as Medicated Patches and Orodispersible Films.

Our extensive regulatory experience allows us to act in full compliance with EU, USA, Russian, Korean and Brazilian Authorities’ requirements.

Our HA is fully projected, DESIGNED and MADE in ITALY.

Altergon provides also R&D services through supervision, management and fulfillment of projects, development of topical formulations and drug delivery technologies (pharma and MD).

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