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Eurofins Regulatory & Consultancy Services Italy

Via Bruno Buozzi 2

20090 Vimodrone (Milano)






STAND NR. 138-139-140

We are a multi-disciplinary team of 40+ professional consultants with a sound knowledge of the regulatory landscapes for your products. Our expertise ranges from medical devices to chemicals and biopharmaceuticals, all supported by solid project management skills. From scratch to postmarket throught regulatory submission, we are by your side.

With a constant focus on regulatory compliance, our in-depth knowledge enable us to develop and implement the most effective strategy and valuable solutions, to even the most critical areas, across almost every stage of product’s development and registration in the Medical Devices, Chemicals, Pharma and Project Management industry.

From industry-leading expertise to competent and versatile working solutions our multi-disciplinary team is keen to constantly support our Clients to overcome challenges, improve performance and efficiency in compliance with current and upcoming regulatory guidelines.

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