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Rattiinox S.r.l.

Via Mara, 44

22066 Mariano Comense (Como)






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Innovative solution for aseptic design


Half century of experience in the stainless steel machining has made of Rattiinox a successful firm in the supplying of components for pharmaceutical, chemical and alimentary installations. Modern management of Rattiinox, is orientated towards delivering services and products able to satisfy Customers requirements as concerns aseptic processes and high purity technologies by designing with dedicated equipment, devices and systems. Rattiinox aims to satisfy the customer by providing a mix of products and services are geared towards high quality production, in full respect of the aseptic systems and regulations. Our services will range from the simple consulting, also in the field, for a better understanding of the real needs, to the delivery of standard and dedicated process components, up to be completed by process engineering. All this is guaranteed by Rattiinox thanks to a great staff of experts with extensive experience providing process engineering, components and systems.

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